*REVIEW* Starflight

Released today: Starflight by Melissa Landers...

Life in the outer realm is a lawless, dirty, hard existence, and Solara Brooks is hungry for it. Just out of the orphanage, she needs a fresh start in a place where nobody cares about the engine grease beneath her fingernails or the felony tattoos across her knuckles. She's so desperate to reach the realm that she's willing to indenture herself to Doran Spaulding, the rich and popular quarterback who made her life miserable all through high school, in exchange for passage aboard the spaceliner Zenith.

When a twist of fate lands them instead on the Banshee, a vessel of dubious repute, Doran learns he's been framed on Earth for conspiracy. As he pursues a set of mysterious coordinates rumored to hold the key to clearing his name, he and Solara must get past their enmity to work together and evade those out for their arrest. Life on the Banshee may be tumultuous, but as Solara and Doran are forced to question everything they once believed about their world--and each other--the ship becomes home, and the eccentric crew family. But what Solara and Doran discover on the mysterious Planet X has the power to not only alter their lives, but the existence of everyone in the universe...

Wow!!!! This book was AMAZING! I became a Melissa Landers fan when I read Alienated and I really didn't think I would like this book as much as that series. Boy, was that worry pointless! This book was even better than I ever imagined and is now my favorite Melissa Landers book. It's that good!!!

Starflight introduces us to Solara, a convicted felon in a futuristic world who is taking a big gamble to improve her life. Enter Doran, a cocky, rich, self-assured jerk who finds himself smack dab in the middle of a controversy of his own, a controversy that has him labeled as one of the most wanted men in the galaxy. Solara and Doran form an uneasy alliance on the Banshee, an aging ship with an interesting and eclectic group of crew members.

As the group travels the galaxy, they find themselves in unusual circumstances, collecting enemies everywhere they go. Shocking revelations will shake everything Solara and Doran thought about their lives, what they needed to do, and where they would end up. New bonds create lasting connections in this action-packed intergalactic tale full of danger, friendship, romance, forgiveness, and betrayal. 

I love this book!!! The characters are wonderful, such a great group of different and unique personalities. I loved seeing the relationship between Solara and Doran change as their shared journey continued. I cannot wait until the sequel comes out because this is one world you're not going to want to leave!

*REVIEW* Zero Day

Released today: Zero Day by Jan Gangsei...

Eight years ago, Addie Webster was the victim of the most notorious kidnapping case of the decade. Addie vanished—and her high-profile parents were forced to move on.

Mark Webster is now president of the United States, fighting to keep the oval office after a tumultuous first term. Then, the unthinkable happens: the president’s daughter resurfaces. Addie is brought back into her family’s fold, but who is this sixteen-year-old girl with a quiet, burning intelligence now living in the White House? There are those in the president’s political circle who find her timely return suspicious.

When the NSA approaches Darrow Fergusson, Addie’s childhood best friend and the son of the president’s chief of staff, he doesn't know what to think. How could this slip of a girl be a threat to national security? But at the risk of having his own secrets exposed by the powerful government agency, Darrow agrees to spy on Addie.

It soon becomes apparent that Addie is much more than the traumatized victim of a sick political fringe group. Addie has come with a mission. Will she choose to complete it? And what will happen if she does?

Zero Day was AWESOMESAUCE! It was an entertaining, well-paced, political thriller that left me salivating for more. The ending definitely leaves a strong possibility of a sequel and a book this good? Definitely should get one!

Zero Day introduces us to Addie, the teenage daughter of the President of the United States who has been missing for eight years. Miraculously, Addie escapes her captors and is reunited with her family and long-lost friends. We quickly learn though that Addie is hiding some pretty major secrets-- secrets that could get not only herself killed, but others as well. As the stakes get higher and higher, Addie is faced with doubts about what she's been told, and what she is supposed to do. Will she make the right choice in the end or will the choice be made for her? Hold on to the edge of your seat because this is one fast ride by Jan Gangsei.

LOVED this book! I decided to read it because it had a Scandal-like feel to it and who doesn't love Scandal?! It really did not disappoint. I had a really hard time putting it down and kept telling myself, "just one more chapter!" The hallmark of a great book is when you're completely unable to honor that promise to yourself. REALLY hoping for a sequel because I can't wait to see what happens next. SUCH a fantastic story!

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