Tuesday Favorites!

Each Tuesday I will gush about some favorites of mine... whether it's about books, authors, movies, TV shows, whatever. Of course, my ultimate passion is books. I'm addicted to reading and my books are like my children. If I lend one to you, I must really like and trust you! So, for my first TUESDAY FAVORITES, I'd like to gush about my favorite book covers for upcoming reads. A couple have come out recently that I just love and need to appropriately squee over:

The Torment cover is my favorite, I think I like it even more than Fallen's cover! With a cover like that, and a title like Torment, I'm already biting my nails trying to imagine what is going to happen next in the world Lauren Kate created. Ghost Town will be the first Morganville Vampires book to be in hardcover and I think it's gorgeous. The green is perfect and I'm stoked for Rachel Caine that this amazing series will be in hardcover now. Dark Flame will be the next edition in Alyson Noel's series, The Immortals. I really love the candle and am intrigued by the title. What's next for Ever and Damen? The title Dark Flame has me a little worried! The last cover is the next installment of The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Beautiful Darkness is a great title, and the cover is stunning. The gate and the stars are beautiful and are very fitting for the title. The title gives me hope that there will be some light through the darkness.

Well, that's what I have for you this Tuesday! Enjoy looking at the gorgeous covers... it makes the wait a little more bearable.

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