TBR PILE Reading Challenge: July Update!

Well... I honestly wasn't sure if I was even going to do a post for July considering that I read absolutely NO books towards the challenge, but I decided that it would help me be more accountable if I owned up to it. Yep, you read that right: ZERO books towards the TBR PILE Reading Challenge. Epic fail!!

That's not to say that July was a wash in terms of reading... cause I did PLENTY of that! I read and reviewed nine books but unfortunately, they were all either an ARC or a new release book. Bad, bad Karen! Luckily, I'm still well on my way to reaching my goal so it's too early to panic.

Here's hoping I have better news on my August update! Best of luck to all the other participants. And if you're interested in the challenge, it's not too late to join up! Check out my sidebar for more information. Happy Reading! *XOXO*

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