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Welcome to PERFECT PINS! Perfect Pins is a nod to my newest obsession: Pinterest. Pinterest is AMAZING and I am so addicted to that site! I've gotten so many awesome ideas, DIY projects, and recipes from the site and I've really started to accumulate a list of things I've tried. So I figure once a week, I'll highlight something amazing that I've pinned.

This week's pins are two chicken dishes that were OUT OF THIS WORLD! The first comes from a controversial source, Paula Deen. While I'm not going to go into the whole scandal, I will say that the woman can COOK. And her recipe? Best chicken fingers I have ever had. They didn't even need any dipping sauce, they were seriously THAT good. To check out the recipe, visit here. A preview of the awesomeness:

The second recipe is Pretzel Chicken with a Mustard-Cheddar Sauce. Everything about this dish was phenomenal from the yummy coating to the tasty sauce. I could eat this every day! For information on how to create this mouth-watering dish, click here. Check out the image below:

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