Series Highlight: Raised by Wolves

I read through the Raised by Wolves Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes so quickly, I didn't review each book individually. But because I was so impressed with the series, I did want to do at least one post about it because these books are GOOD. Raised by Wolves, the first book in the series, is still my favorite. The interactions between Bryn and Callum are fantastic and the introduction of Chase will make readers very, very happy. This book is by far one of my favorite wolfy books out there. Phenomenal book.

Trial by Fire, the second book in the series, did lose a little bit of the magic for me, but it was still a solid book. Readers get to see Bryn come into her own even more and we get to see more interactions between her and her crew, meaning Dev, Lake and Chase. There are quite a few new additions in terms of characters, some lovely and some way less than. A big disappointment for me with this book was the lack of Callum. Callum features way less prominently in this book and I found I really missed his interactions with Bryn.

Taken by Storm is the third and final book in the series and up until the end, it was rivaling the first book as my favorite. But the end? UGH. Barnes delivered a massive disappointment with her choices to end the series. That being said, it's still worth the read and as a fan, I can only hope that she will one day return to the Raised by Wolves world and redeem herself.

My point to this post? If you haven't read this series, you owe it to yourself to do so. It's truly fantastic, even with some baffling ending decisions. Seriously one of the best shifter/werewolves books out there. Enjoy! *XOXO*

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