Swooning on Saturday

Book boyfriends *sighhhhh*. Every female reader has them and I've decided to start a new thing where I post some truly swoon-worthy material from some of the best book boyfriends around. It won't be a weekly thing, just something I do when the mood strikes me. And boy, has the mood struck me today! I have a certain steamy male from Ignited by Corrine Jackson to thank because when I read this passage, I just KNEW I had to post about it. Get ready to feel faint, ladies! This boy is a keeper:

"This is me giving you fair warning that I'm going to chase you with everything I have, and when you decide to let me catch you, you'll never doubt how much I love you. Even when I become a weak human and you can kick my ass six ways to Sunday." pg. 129

This series has a couple swoon-worthy dudes but this guy wins my heart. You really, really, REALLY should read this series to find out why!

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