Manic... Tuesday!!

So my life has been super chaotic... we moved into the house on Saturday and then we moved all four cats on Sunday. That was a MESS. They were completely freaked out and are very SLOWLY getting more comfortable with the new digs. Surprisingly, the cats aren't our biggest issue. The biggest issue would be plumbing. Apparently, we are extraordinarily lucky and have a major clog somewhere that is causing water to back-up into sinks scattered throughout the house. Kill me now. I'm super glad we still have our apartment for the time being or we would be without a shower!!

Anywho... that's my nightmare, will post an update on the house on the next Fun Friday post. For today, I wanted to take a moment to squee about this book that came out today:


At long last, the New York Times bestselling author of The Sixes and the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan brings back the sassy crime writer turned amateur sleuth Bailey Weggins in an addictive story involving the mysterious death of a supermodel.

Bailey Weggins, the Manhattan-based thirtysomething true-crime journalist, is in a good place. She's enjoying her regular gig at Buzz, a leading celebrity magazine, getting freelance work, and hoping her first book will garner attention. In the love department, she's finally back in the game with her recently-turned-exclusive boyfriend, Beau Regan. When Beau heads out of town one early December weekend, Bailey accepts an invitation from her office friend Jessie to a music mogul's house in the country, hoping for a fun, relaxing getaway. But a weird tension settles over the houseguests—a glamorous crowd that includes the famously thin supermodel Devon Barr. An impending snowstorm only adds to the unease. So when Devon's lifeless body is found in her bed, Bailey immediately suspects foul play: she can't stop thinking of the day before, when a frightened Devon shivered in the woods and pleaded, "I have to get out of here. . . . It's not safe for me." When Bailey starts to nose around, she finds herself a moving target—running closer to the truth and straight into danger.

With her trademark irreverent wit, Bailey is a heroine who keeps us laughing while on the edge of our seats. New and longtime fans alike will devour this eagerly awaited mystery.

Yayyy!!! I LOVE these books and it's been way too long since Kate White released a Bailey Weggins book. If you haven't checked them out before, what are you waiting for? They always keep you guessing and flipping the pages and Bailey is the type of character you love rooting for. Snap it up. Today!! If you want to start with book one, you need to grab If Looks Could Kill. You won't be disappointed! *XOXO*

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