Better Know a BLOGGER: Meet Em!

It's time to meet... EM from Twisted Fates' Cafe!! :D

Your Name: Em

Blog Stats: Unique hits are between 30 and 80 a day.

Name of your blog? Twisted Fates' Cafe. Check it out here!

Started when? It officially became Twisted Fates in February of this year.

Number of followers? 60

What do you review? Everything. Really. Books (lately it's been mostly YA), movies, and music.

How did you get the name for your blog? When I asked Kim and Catie to join me as a group blog because I needed help, we sat around thinking of a name. Twisted because we're all weird. Fates because there is three of us, like The Fates. Cafe because we talk about all the things you'd discuss in a cafe (minus politics). Yes, we can be overthinkers. ^_^

How would you describe your blog? All the taste of entertainment without the fat? We're three crazy women tackling everything from light and fluffy reads to heavy hitting shows, action packed movies to tear jerking issues people can make a difference with. In other words, we review books, movies, and music, and feature band, author, and non-profit organization interviews and showcases. We try to be entertaining and amusing while being honest and forward. We provide our readers with opinions, facts, reviews, and features to keep them entertained, informed, and hopefully coming back for more of our quirkiness. Anything you'd want to discuss over a nice cup of Joe (or tea, if you're a tea person) you can usually find at Twisted Fates' Cafe.

What kind of blogger are you? Very organized or fly by the seat of your pants? Both? I have a schedule, everything is planned out. But the posts themselves only get written ahead of time when I'm in a very productive mood. I'll be ahead for two weeks and then spend a month writing posts as I go. Lol. My reviews get written a day or two after I'm finished with whatever I'm reviewing. But the rest of the post is usually last minute.

What is your favorite review or post from your own blog? I'll give you two because my absolute favorite is a review of a play. I reviewed The Pride, an amazing play, and that's my favorite because of how in depth I got with the review. My favorite book review is probably the one for The Body Finder. It's the most recent review I've posted and shows that I've grown leaps and bounds since I first started this silly reviewing business since I loved the book and didn't just gush about it the whole time. Lol.

Your favorite blog? Ya know, I don't read many because I'm always so busy working on mine or writing or reading. But I LOVE Shannon's blog because of her amazing use of alliteration, which I have a thing for. Check out Shannon's blog here.

What are you reading right now? Right now I'm reading The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff and Forget You by Jennifer Echols.

Can you give me a picture of either your TBR pile or your bookshelves? I have a TBR bookcase. The pictures don't catch the full beauty of it, but the top shelf has 57 books, middle shelf has 69 (yes, I found that amusing too), and the bottom shelf has 33 books (there is a stack of Comics also, but I've read those). All books waiting to be read.

Em: This was a lot of fun! Thanks. ^_^

A HUGE thanks to Em for the interview! Please be sure to check out Twisted Fates' Cafe to read more from Em and to meet her partners-in-crime, Kim and Catie. And if YOU would like to be featured on Better Know a BLOGGER, please email me at nflkaren(at)gmail(dot)com.

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