May TBR PILE Wrap-Up Challenge!

I am SO enjoying the TBR PILE Reading Challenge. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, please click here for more information. Basically, it's a challenge designed to help readers (like me!) who have tons of books sitting on the shelf that have been waiting to be read for MONTHS. Since starting the challenge in January, I've read 18 books that had been collecting dust, being passed over time and again for newer releases. And aside from that benefit, this challenge is FUN. There are several blogs hosting and there's a fun wrap-up challenge and giveaway each month. What's not to like?! It's not too late to join in so think about it if you're like me and could use a push to get through some of those old books!

May's TBR PILE Wrap-Up Challenge's theme is MAYDAY: COVER DISASTERS! Here's the details and instructions from this month's host, Christa from Hooked on Books:

Here's what you need to do...
1) Find a book that you think has a horrible, eye sore of a cover. Post a picture of that cover in your May Wrap-up Post (or a separate post if you prefer)
2) Then tell me why you think this cover is so bad and what you would have done differently. Extra entry if you design an alternative cover!
3) Put the link to your post in the comments.

I didn't have to think about this one AT ALL. There is a cover that has irked me since I first laid eyes on it and here it is:

Wolfbane by Andrea Cremer is book two in the Nightshade Series and in my opinion, this cover is a HOT MESS. The pose is awkward, the colors are blah, the shading isn't good, and the girl just doesn't LOOK like Calla anymore. This cover probably wouldn't have been so offensive if the publishers hadn't decided to redo the look of them starting with book two. Because book one was GORGEOUS. And then the covers that came after it were just plain AWFUL. To see what I mean, check out the cover of book one:

Isn't Nightshade just splendid? I will never understand the decision making behind the change of these covers. I would have stuck with the same look of Calla for the cover of Wolfsbane and maybe had some wolves in the background or something, not just a really large moon. And I would have had more color, like Nightshade. Because let me tell you... if Nightshade had looked as craptastic as Wolfsbane when it came out, I may NEVER have picked up the series! Bad call, publishers. BAD CALL. Shame be on you!

Do you agree with my assessment? Think I'm being too harsh? I'd love to hear your opinions! And please have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday and WEEKEND! And as always, HAPPY READING!! *XOXO*

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