Happy Friday!! :) Welcome to FUN FRIDAY where I reveal something about me, some personal tidbit that will allow my followers to get to know me better. I follow several blogs and I sometimes wonder who the bloggers REALLY are behind the words, so I thought it would be a cool thing to open up a bit and to reveal more about who Karen really is.

Today's insight: I have an eating out problem. I eat out ALL. THE. TIME. I'd like to blame how crazy busy work has been for me lately but I think that would be a lie because this has ALWAYS been an issue. I think what is really to blame is my laziness. I am SO lazy! Yeah, I work hard and it can be exhausting emotionally and the last thing I feel like doing at night is cooking. So the easy solution? Take out, baby! But it's SOOOOOO bad for you, I've got to get a handle on it!

For example, this week alone: Monday night we had Chick-fil-a. Which is freakin' AMAZING. I am in love with their chicken strips and waffle fries? Yes, please!! Tuesday night we had Tropical Smoothie. Their strawberry beach smoothie is my ultimate fave! Wednesday night we had Hardees, which I wasn't that impressed with. I tried their jalapeno burger jank and it gave me heartburn like a champ. But their cheese and bacon fries were pretty good! And that all leads us to last night where we had Chinese. A LOT of Chinese. Yeah, yeah... I coordinate AP testing at the high school I work at and we've been giving tests all week and it's been super stressful but still. Eating out every single night? Not good for the wallet OR the waistline!

I'm hoping we correct this starting next week as we begin a 5K training program. We're participating in a Color Me Rad 5K in July and while 3.1 miles isn't hard to walk, I know there's NO way I'm going to be able to run even a small portion of it without some serious training. So goodbye fast food and take out and HELLO! eating at home. Joy. I suppose it's the grown up thing to do and it is sure as HECK more healthy than what I've been doing. Cheers! *XOXO*

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