"New York Times" bestselling author and "Cosmopolitan"'s editor-in-chief returns with a sizzling, page-turning thriller in which an ordinary woman flees the scene of a murder--and realizes it's not just the law that's hunting her.

When Lake Warren learns that her husband, Jack, is suing for full custody of their two kids four months after their separation, she's pretty certain that things can't get any worse. The upside is that she's working with the Advanced Fertility Center as a marketing consultant, alongside the attractive, flirtatious Dr. Keaton. But the morning after their one-night stand, Lake finds Keaton with his throat slashed and discovers that things can indeed become worse--they can become deadly.

So as not to jeopardize her case for custody, Lake is forced to lie to the police. Having just been intimate with a man who has been murdered, and wanting to protect herself from being charged with the crime, she begins her own search for the truth. Meanwhile, the police start looking at her closely, people at the clinic start treating her with hostility, and strange clues begin dropping--quite literally--on her doorstep, and Lake realizes that she is dangerously close to dark secrets, both about Keaton and the clinic. But can Lake stop what she's started before it's too late?

I'm a huge fan of Kate White. I mean, she's the editor-in-chief of COSMO which remains to this day one of my fave magazines! But she's also a talented mystery writer and her Bailey Weggins series is a fave of mine. When I saw her stand-alone book, Hush, I knew it was bound to be full of the same intrigue, mystery, and danger of her other books.

Hush introduces us to Lake Warren, a marketing consultant who has just found out that her soon-to-be ex-husband is filing for full custody of their two kids. This news is devastating to Lake who knows she has to remain on top of her game so as not to give her ex any ammunition for their court date. Planning to throw herself into work, she participates in some not-so-innocent flirting with Dr. Keaton, a gorgeous doctor who is about to join the Advanced Fertility Center where she currently is working. A celebatory dinner for Keaton morphs into a night of hot passion for Lake as she decides to give in this one time and go home with a man. Her kids are away at summer camp and once they come home, Lake knows she will be flying solo so she figures what the hell and rolls with it.

Turns out, that night was way more than Lake bargained for. She wakes to find that Keaton has been brutally murdered and her DNA is all over the scene. Terrified that she'll be a prime suspect, Lake flees the scene and begins a chain of events that involve her lying to the police, someone purposely trying to scare her, and huge revelations about the Advanced Fertility Center. As Lake learns more and more details, it's clear that she's stepping into something she may not be able to step out of. Will she be able to learn the truth or will someone silence her before she figures it all out?

I quite enjoyed Hush. It was fast-paced and there's enough action and intrigue to keep you interested in flipping the pages. In addition to the murder mystery, the mystery about the potential wrong-doing of the fertility clinic adds an extra element to the book because readers aren't quite sure how the two events are related, or if they're related at all. It's like having two mystery books in one! Kate White's writing style is fun and easy to read and she has a way of hooking you at the end of each chapter so that it's hard to put the book down. If you've read her stuff before and liked it, you won't be disappointed with Hush. While I still prefer the Bailey Weggins books, Hush was an entertaining read. Enjoy! *XOXO*

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