Happy Friday!! :) Welcome to FUN FRIDAY where I reveal something about me, some personal tidbit that will allow my followers to get to know me better. I follow several blogs and I sometimes wonder who the bloggers REALLY are behind the words, so I thought it would be a cool thing to open up a bit and to reveal more about who Karen really is.

Today is more of an explanation... cause this gal has been BUSY! I haven't been blogging nearly as often as I'd like to and the major reason behind this is I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!! I think everyone knew that, but the wedding was supposed to be in June 2013. Because of some family issues, mainly an illness, we decided to move the wedding to this November. Talk about a whirlwind! We made the decision the beginning of August and have been frantically trying to wrap things up since then.

On top of that, I started back at work the end of August. I work in a high school as a counselor and the first two months of the school year are INSANE. And THEN... we decided to adopt a puppy. As if we didn't have enough going on! We adopted a 14 week old Boston Terrier and she is a hot mess! I've always been a cat person so it's been a huge adjustment for me but she's cute as a button. Our timing, admittedly, could have been better, but we're making things work.

Anywho... just wanted to explain my spotty attendance on here. I anticipate it will be like this through November. We're getting married November 17th and then going on a cruise for a week. But after that, life SHOULD *fingers crossed* return to normal. Hope everyone has been well and has been finding time to read! That's been a challenge for me but I did just finish Necromancing the Stone by Lish McBride and loved it. Hoping to maybe get a review written today or this weekend. Take care! *XOXO*

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