*REVIEW* Mayday


Why’d I do it? I suppose it’s the only question that really matters. 

Seventeen-year-old Crow will stop at nothing to protect her younger sister—even if it costs her her own life. But then she’s given a chance to come back and make things right. There are a few catches, though. First, she won’t come back as herself. And before she can set things straight, she’ll have to figure out what’s what—and things aren’t exactly as clear-cut as she remembered.

Powerful and hard-hitting, this is a compelling story about what it means to live your life—for your own sake—from an award-winning author.

I've been putting off writing this review because I just can't seem to figure out what I want to say. I liked this book enough, but something about it left me feeling like there was something missing. That being said, I would still give this 3 of 5 stars because there IS something compelling about this book... I just wish the ending had me feeling more.

Mayday introduces us to Crow, a teenage girl who finds herself living an out-of-body experience as her body decays in a coma that doctors say she will never wake from. Crow is given the chance to go back in time, to relieve important moments, to get things right. Crow believes that she's been given this opportunity to go back in time to save her sister, but soon learns her sister may not be the one who needs saving after all. Unfortunately for Crow, she may figure things out much too late.

This book was very engaging for much of the story but as I said above, at the end I just felt sort of let down. Truthfully, that may be because even though the ending is told to us very early on, I suppose I just did not want to believe it. I was hoping there would be some catch or something that changed the outcome. That being said, watching Crow go back in time and learn things not only about herself but about her loved ones was very entertaining and moving. Mayday is definitely worth a read, but you may not end up elated at the end. That's my two cents! Enjoy!

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