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So I'm thinking about doing something new here on the blog since I've usually got a gap on the weekend now since I rarely ever post an IMM post anymore. I've just been VERY busy this fall and winter and I haven't been reading nearly the volume that I had been before. AND I made an agreement with myself to try to read through some of the books I've bought that are sitting on my shelves, impatiently waiting to be read. I've got well over a hundred books so I'm trying VERY hard not to buy new books. The only exceptions I make are for open series cause it's just too darn tempting to continue on with a series I've already started.

Anywho... so I'm starting PERFECT PINS which is a nod to my newest obsession: Pinterest. Pinterest is AMAZING and I am so addicted to that site! I've gotten so many awesome ideas, DIY projects, and recipes from the site and I've really started to accumulate a list of things I've tried. So I figure once a week, I'll highlight something (or things!) amazing that I've pinned.

Today's pin is a DIY craft project and gift idea for Christmas. I made candy sleighs for token gifts for my coworkers and they turned out SO cute! The picture below shows 6 sleighs but I ended up making 12 because they were just so easy and fun to make:

For inspiration, click here. And HAPPY PINNING! *XOXO*

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