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With this mysterious yet oddly ordinary-looking prophecy, Tom's fate is sealed: he's been plucked from his life and whisked away to a magical kingdom to be its Chosen One.

There's just one problem: The kingdom is mostly made of garbage from Earth. Okay, well, two problems: the king hates Tom. Also, the princess likes to wear fake mustaches. And being Chosen One seems to consist mainly of cleaning out rats' noses at the Royal Rat-Snottery.

So, basically, the kingdom sucks.

When Tom turns down the job of Chosen One, he thinks he's making a smart decision. But when Tom discovers he's been replaced by his best friend Kyle, who's always been cooler, more athletic, and better with girls, Tom wants Crap Kingdom back—at any cost. And the hilarity that ensues will determine the fate of the universe.

Wellllll... no one could say that this book isn't unique. Crap Kingdom is unlike anything I've read before and while the premise sounded interesting, the plot ended up falling flat for me. It's not that the book was awful, it's just that I found myself not giving a crap (pun intended!) about what would happen next. That's NEVER a good thing.

Crap Kingdom introduces us to Tom, an ordinary high school drama geek who is constantly hoping that something extraordinary will happen in his life. Enter Gark: a mysterious person from another world. Gark takes Tom to the nameless kingdom where Tom is told a prophecy has named him as The Chosen One, the one destined to say the nameless kingdom. The problem? The king takes an instant disliking to Tom and relegates him to the Rat Snottery. Tom decides to turn his back on the nameless kingdom and forget the whole thing.

Tom is happy with his decision until he discovers that his best friend Kyle has taken his place and not only that, but Kyle is a way better Chosen One than he ever was. The nameless kingdom has completely fallen in love with Kyle and Kyle is making a difference and has achieved magical powers. Tom is flabbergasted and jealous and thinks it's completely unfair that the king never gave him the same opportunity.

Tom continues to travel back and forth to the nameless kingdom and a dangerous encounter sets into motion events that could impact the nameless kingdom forever. Will Kyle be forced to clean up Tom's mess or will Tom step up and save the day?

Like I said above, Crap Kingdom really fell flat for me. I think it was supposed to be funny but the humor just wasn't doing it for me. And while the world Pierson created is for sure unique, it was so strange that I had a hard time picturing things. I also really didn't like the pacing... I was beyond bored for the first half of the book and then it felt like the ending was wrapped up so quickly that things were left out and not explained well at ALL. This book left me feeling mildly frustrated and I would probably have been even more annoyed had I actually cared about what would happen to the characters.

If you think this book could be something you'd like, feel free to check it out in March when it releases. Hope you like it more than I did! Enjoy! *XOXO*

Expected publication date: March 7, 2013 by Viking Juvenile

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