*REVIEW* The Wise Man's Fear


“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” My name is Kvothe. You may have heard of me.

So begins the tale of a hero told from his own point of view—a story unequaled in fantasy literature. Now in The Wise Man’s Fear, Day Two of The Kingkiller Chronicles, Kvothe takes his first steps on the path of the hero and learns how difficult life can be when a man becomes a legend in his own time.

OH. MY. GOD. This book was INCREDIBLE!!!! If you read my review of the first book in The Kingkiller Chronicles, The Name of the Wind, you know that while I really liked it, there were some things that really bothered me, things that kept it from being a 5 star book. Well, let me tell YOU, Patrick Rothfuss seems to have been able to read my MIND because The Wise Man's Fear was everything I wanted this series to be... and more.

CAUTION! Contains some spoilers:

This book picks up the story of Kvothe and the pace is fast, fast, FAST. SO much happens that it feels impossible to do a proper summary of it. Let's just say that Kvothe gets the better of Ambrose, leaves the University, is in the employ of a very influential man, saves said man from being poisoned, eradicates pesky bandits, encounters a member of the Chandrian (though he doesn't realize it at the time), calls down lightning to save himself and his fellow travelers, spends time with the sexy and powerful Felurian, travels to Ademre and studies fighting under Adem mercenaries, learns to call the wind better than ever before, has numerous encounters with Denna (when she's around), returns to the University, finally gets hold of some money, and so much more.


*Deep breath* Seriously, this book was almost 1,000 pages. It was more like 3 books and it took me ages to read it because I kept having to take breaks to read borrowed books. I am in LOVE with this book though. Not only is the story super engaging and jam-packed with action, but we see little Kvothe grow up SO much and begin to start resembling the hero we hear so much about. And we get to know the other characters, YAY! That was a major beef I had with the first book but I finally feel like there's a difference in voice between Sim, Wil, and the other host of secondary peeps.

I just can't say enough good things about this book. I adore Kvothe and he's getting HOT! Haha. He's pretty freakin' badass in several different spots in the book, he becomes much more skilled with women, and he really seems to be coming into his own. EVERYONE should read this series. It's SO good! You won't regret it! *annoying sing-song voice*. Enjoy!

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