Crescendo Cover Revealed!

I'll admit... my first thought was: "No Patch?! Nooooooo!" But then I took another look and fell in love. This cover is AMAZING. Do I love it as much as the first cover? Well, no. But the Hush, Hush cover was the type of brilliance that is hard to match.

This cover makes me happy though for several reasons: 1) I love the gray grittiness. I love how it matches so well with the Hush, Hush cover in terms of color and such. 2) The rain is stunning visually. I love the lightning and I think the "storm" theme is perfection for the book. 3) I love the splash of red on it. It's JUST the right amount of color to be distinctive and interesting.

So my thoughts are actually really, really good ones. While I definitely miss Patch, I think the cover is stunning and I can't wait to see it in person! *XOXO*

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KM said...

I have to say I like this cover better than the HUSH, HUSH one. I know, I know - no Patch. But there's just something about this one that I find really intriguing. Very angsty and wicked cool.

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