New Favorite: Blue Bloods!

So... I read through these way too quickly to write a review of each one, so I thought I would just share my thoughts about the whole series to date. To be honest, I had held off on these for a very long time because frankly, the covers just didn't do much for me. I know that makes me sound shallow, because everyone knows you're not supposed to judge a book by the cover! But the cover of Blue Bloods really did not wow me. I think the covers have gotten a little better, I quite liked the cover of The Van Alen Legacy. Anywho...

The Blue Bloods Series by Melissa de la Cruz is a truly unique take on vampires. In her world, vampires are actually fallen angels who are reincarnated roughly every one hundred years or so. The main character, Schuyler Van Alen, is a half-blood, born to a vampire mother and human father. The books are very easy-to-read, but there is honestly too much focus on fashion in the earlier books. Seriously... you even get to read what designer lingerie one of the characters is wearing. It gets old.. fast.

But there's a good story buried underneath it and each volume in the series expands on the story and we get to see more depth of the characters. There are characters you will fall in love with, and characters you will imagine stabbing. Typical high school fare, haha. There's heartwarming romance, sacrifice in the name of love, and twists and turns that leave you wondering who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, and who could be hiding unimaginable horrors inside of themselves.

So if you're looking for a fun read that will keep you flipping the pages, rooting for true love, and dying to see where things go next, you might quite enjoy this series. Happy Reading! *XOXO*

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Lena said...

SQUEEEE!!! I luff Blue Bloods. And I'm glad you finally decided to be Team Jack :)

Can't wait for the release of Keys to the Repository and Misguided Angel :D

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