Site Under Construction!

I'm in the process of switching my layout to a 3 column design so please excuse the mess! I did want to send a major shout out to Three Column Blogger... the tutorials on their site made all of this SO MUCH easier. So kudos to them!

If you've got any suggestions for me about how to organize things here on the new 3 column design, I'd love to hear them! Thanks! *XOXO*


Sandy said...

Great job! You might want to put equal parts text and images on either side so they balance. Like right now on the right you have a lot of images following each other so you might want to move a few over to the left.

literati_rain66 said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out! Good luck! In the meantime... You've won an award!

Sandy said...

Oh if you want I made you a header with 2 matching buttons :). It was fun.

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