Waiting on Wednesday (#10)


The Vampire Diaries series has sold more than three million copies in North America and has inspired a hit television show that averages five million viewers per week—and fans continue to flock to L.J. Smith’s novels about love among vampires.

The powerful final volume of The Vampire Diaries: The Return offers readers the kind of romance, danger, and paranormal chills that they know only L.J. Smith can provide. In Midnight, golden girl Elena Gilbert is back from the Dark Dimension, having successfully freed her vampire boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore. Saving Stefan had an unlikely consequence: His brother, Damon, has become a mortal. While the trio reels from this latest twist, they must also deal with the demons that have infiltrated Elena’s hometown. Midnight takes Elena, Stefan, and Damon to their darkest moments yet...

Release date: March 15, 2011

I have to admit, I kind of hate the cover. Any thoughts on who the girl is supposed to be? Caroline maybe? *confused* I found the cover on Goodreads so I'm hoping it isn't the final one. I cannot wait for this book though!! The last one was AMAZING, especially if you're a Damon fan, which I happen to be. Happy Reading!! *XOXO*


Tiger Holland said...

Wow, with all this Vamp Diaries buzz, I'm not going to be able to ignore the series much longer... ;-)

Karen: said...

Some of the books are better than the others... but it's definitely worth a glance :)

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