In My Mailbox (20)

In My Mailbox (IMM) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. Here are books I've either won, been given, borrowed, or bought this past week:

Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

*squee* I am SO EXCITED to read this one. I've fallen (haha) way behind on this series but with the end coming, it's time I get fully caught up with things. Isn't the cover just stunning? *sigh* Anything that pretty to look at has to be great, right? :)

It's been a slow couple weeks, I didn't even do an IMM post last week. I'm making an effort to actually read the over one hundred books that I've bought and haven't read that are currently sitting on my bookshelves. It's hard not to run out and snag the latest and great books, but I really want to read some that I've been putting off for WAY too long.

Due to this, my IMM posts may be sporatic. Though I DID just order four books on the Barnes&Noble website so expect an actual real-life picture next week. (Don't judge me, it's a crying shame to not use coupons!) I figured for one book only, taking a pic wasn't worth the effort. It's Sunday, I'm entitled to be lazy. Hope you all had a great book week! Leave me a link, I'd love to check it out. Happy Sunday! *XOXO*

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